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If you are parent or an educator, we respect you! Developing children and being responsible for their future is a coveted role. If you are keen to build their abilities effectively, leaving no stone unturned, we're here to assist!

Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Wholesome Development.

About Us

Wholesome Capability Building

Wholesome Capability Building

Wholesome Capability Building

 Are you a parent or educator looking out to develop your child in an all-rounder way? Unsure if your child is receiving the overall development s/he needs? Not to worry! We offer a variety of high-impact programs designed to prepare your child wholesomely. Whether it is from neuro-cognition improvement to academic knowledge and skills or from emotional intelligence to physical wellness, we've got it covered.

Our comprehensive labs ensures that your child develops all essential capabilities to excel in all areas!

Our Framework

Wholesome Capability Building

Wholesome Capability Building

 Our mission is to accelerate human potential by embracing exploratory and experiential learning. Our framework which is based on Multiple Intelligence Theory encourages Right Brain Learning traits like creative imagination and free thinking to emphasize the learning process over rote memorization.

Our tools are designed to cover the learner's journey from Trigger, Explore and Evaluate to Practice. Our pedagogy approach promotes Multi-Modal, Non-Linear and Multi-Sensorial Learning.

Blended Learning

Wholesome Capability Building

Blended Learning

 Learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why most of our modules to empower teachers to teach effectively without experiencing any limitation when in a traditional classroom.

We aim for excellence both inside and outside the classroom. Hence, we offer blended learning programs which are powered by future-ready online learning / tutoring tools.

So, whether you are a school teacher or a home educator, we've got you empowered!

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Why Ayelabs?

We follow an adaptive learning path which is very personalized to build a child's set of key development areas. Every child is assessed thoroughly and an Individual Development Lesson Plan is delivered as Blended Learning and Training program. AyeLabs comes equipped with Tutoring Tools to help a teacher facilitate this wholesome development.

The programs can be delivered in-school, after-school and at home too. For best results, we recommend that these programs are delivered together. They can be used as ala-carte, however when blended together, the child demonstrates Higher Performance and Improved Capabilities across intellectual, academic, sports, creative arts, life essentials, emotional, social and overall skills needed to excel in any chosen line of work.

If this isn't Wholesome Development, then what is! If we have picked up your interest, feel free to get in touch with us. We'd love to enroll your child on our program and begin setting them for a better future.

Announcing ScholAR

Announcing ScholAR

Announcing ScholAR


Our newest tool is out!! ScholAR is an interactive Virtual Lab specifically meant to immerse the learner in real-life simulators tools.

Schools like to flip classrooms when they teach online. Why should labs be left out! We identified this important requirement and we have ScholAR now to ensure that practical, hand-on and DIY learning happens online too!

Current Offers

Announcing ScholAR

Announcing ScholAR


Its vacation time! Wondering how to keep your kids engaged, right!

All our tools are currently available FREE for registered users. We offer a trial period of 3 months. Register now for further details.

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